Body Mass Index, BMI, is a screening tool that can help seniors and Medicare beneficiaries assess their risk for weight-related health issues.

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BMI for Seniors

Medicare does not cover services or supplies that are medically unreasonable or unnecessary to diagnose and treat a patient’s condition. ( page 5 ) For example, Medicare does not cover: Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Long-term care  – the daily living and medical care you get in an assisted-living or nursing home. More than 20 days in a  Skilled Nursing Facility  – however, your Medigap Plan may pay for up to 100 days

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What Does Medicare Not Cover

Medicare may provide foreign travel coverage outside the United States. To qualify for coverage, special circumstances apply. Otherwise, Medicare will not cover your health care outside the US.

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Medicare Foreign Travel Coverage

Audiologist fits hearing aid for senior man. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans may cover hearing aids and  other benefits  not available in Original Medicare. However, Medicare Part B does cover diagnostic hearing test and balance exams.

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Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans may include benefits not available in Original Medicare or Medigap Plans. You can get the following exclusive benefits in an MA Plan: Dental Fitness program Hearing Transportation Vision Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Find out when you can change your MA Plan to get these benefits

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Medicare Advantage Benefits

Weight loss for seniors can be risky, especially for obese older adults. As you age, you lose muscle mass – called  sarcopenia .

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Weight Loss for Seniors

Medicare obesity counseling can help you lose weight. Please read this article to discover if you are obese and how Medicare can help

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Medicare Obesity Counseling

Medicare covers many vaccines for Medicare beneficiaries, including seniors.

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Vaccines for Seniors

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Medicare  Annual Wellness Visit  (AWV) is a yearly appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) to develop or update your personalized prevention plan. The AWV helps you prevent disease and disability based on your current health and risk factors

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Special Enrollment Period COVID-19 To qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) outside of Open Enrollment Periods, you need special circumstances. For example, you could change your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan if COVID-19 impacted you.

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Special Enrollment Period